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Welcome to the website for Dowgate Ward, one of the 25 Wards which make up the City of London, otherwise known as the ‘Square Mile’. Each Ward is represented on the Court of Common Council, the decision making body for the City of London Corporation.

This website is hosted by the City Corporation for the benefit of Ward voters specifically and generally for anyone who takes an interest in the Ward, wishes to learn more about it, or be kept informed of current developments by virtue of subscribing to the website.

The City Corporation provides local authority and a wide range of other services to the residents and workers it serves. It (principally through the Lord Mayor and Chairman of Policy and Resources) speaks up internationally for UK based financial and professional services businesses. It manages thousands of acres of open space within the City and beyond (eg Hampstead Heath, Epping Forest, Burnham Beeches) as well as three markets (Smithfield for meat, Billingsgate for fish and New Spitalfields for fruit and vegetables). The City Corporation also manages the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre, the Barbican Centre and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, as well as running its own police force, the leading national police force for dealing with economic crime.

Electoral reform
The City of London gave a number of parliamentary undertakings to secure wider electoral reform than was provided for in the City of London (Ward Elections) Act, the legislation promoted by the City Corporation to change the City’s electoral system. These included a commitment to review the boundaries of the four residential Wards to preserve their residential character, and a further pledge to review the boundaries of the remaining Wards.

The first boundary review was undertaken in 2003 and as part of that process, the City of London Corporation reduced the number of its Members (Common Councilmen). The second review took place in 2010 and was completed in November that year with the new boundaries coming into effect from 2013, the year the next full Ward elections are to be held.

A number of other City Wards also have their own websites. To access the existing sites, please go to


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